Acmena smithii minor Allyn Magic

Acmena smithii minor Allyn Magic

Acmena smithii minor Allyn Magic

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The Acmena smithii minor Allyn Magic, commonly known as Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly, is a stunning Australian native plant that adds a touch of elegance to any garden or indoor space. It features glossy, dark green leaves with a beautiful flush of pink and bronze tones. The plant has a compact and dense growth habit, reaching a mature height of around 2-3 meters, making it perfect for hedging or decorative purposes.

Growing Requirements: This Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly thrives in full sun to partial shade, making it versatile for various lighting conditions. It prefers well-draining soil and can tolerate a range of soil types, including sandy or loamy soils. Regular watering is essential during the establishment phase, but once established, it has moderate water requirements.

Unique Features: One of the standout features of the Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly is its charming flush of pink and bronze tones on the new growth. It produces small white flowers in summer, which are followed by edible, non-toxic berries that attract birds and wildlife to your garden.

Uses and Display: The Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly can be used in various landscaping settings. It is ideal for hedging, screening, or as a feature plant in gardens. Its compact growth habit makes it suitable for both large and small garden beds. Additionally, it can be grown in containers, making it a versatile choice for patios or balconies. Indoors, it can be displayed as a striking houseplant.

Light requirement: Full Sun and Part sun/part shade

Water requirement: Medium

Watering frequency:

Soil: Well-draining soil; adaptable to various soil types

Skill level: Beginner

Growth rate: Intermediate

Suitable for containers: Yes

More info: The Allyn Magic Lilly Pilly is relatively low-maintenance. It requires regular watering during establishment, moderate water once established, and occasional pruning to maintain its shape. Fertilize with a slow-release native plant fertilizer in spring and autumn.

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Drought tolerance: Medium

Frost tolerance: Medium

Wind tolerance: Medium

Disease and pest susceptibility: Generally resistant to most pests and diseases. Monitor for aphids and fungal leaf spots.

Mature height: 120 cm

Mature width: 180 cm

Suitable for shaping: Yes

Colour: Dark green with pink and bronze flushes

Variegation: No

Size: Small/medium

Seasonality: Evergreen

Flowering: Yes; profuse/bright display

Flower colour: Creamy-white flowers during summer followed by masses of brightly colored berries.

Flower fragrant: No

Flowering season: Summer

Fruit: Yes

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