Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Australian Tuckeroo)

Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Australian Tuckeroo)

Cupaniopsis anacardioides (Australian Tuckeroo)

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Common Name: Australian Tuckeroo
Scientific Name: Cupaniopsis anacardioides

Description: The Australian Tuckeroo, scientifically known as Cupaniopsis anacardioides, is a versatile and visually appealing tree native to Australia. It features a dense canopy with glossy, dark green leaves that provide an attractive backdrop. The tree grows to a mature height of approximately 8-10 meters, with a spread of 6-8 meters. It bears small clusters of creamy white flowers in spring, followed by colorful orange berries in summer.

Growing Requirements: The Australian Tuckeroo thrives in full sun to partial shade. It adapts well to a variety of soil types, including clay, loam, and sandy soil. It has moderate water requirements, being moderately drought-tolerant once established. This tree is relatively low-maintenance, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Unique Features: The Australian Tuckeroo is known for its attractive glossy foliage, which adds a touch of elegance to any landscape. Its clusters of creamy white flowers in spring and orange berries in summer provide visual interest and attract birds and wildlife to the garden.

Landscaping Uses: The Australian Tuckeroo is an excellent choice for street planting, shade trees, and as an ornamental feature in gardens and parks. It can also be used to provide privacy when planted in rows or used as a screen. Its vibrant foliage and attractive berries make it a standout tree in any landscape design.

Light requirement: Full Sun and Part sun/part shade

Water requirement: Medium

Watering frequency:

Soil: Adaptable to various soil types

Skill level: Beginner

Growth rate: Intermediate

Suitable for containers: No

More info: The Australian Tuckeroo requires regular watering during its establishment phase. Once established, it becomes moderately drought-tolerant. Prune as necessary to maintain a desired shape and remove any dead or damaged branches. Fertilize in spring with a balanced slow-release fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

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Drought tolerance: Medium

Frost tolerance: Medium

Wind tolerance: Medium

Disease and pest susceptibility: Generally resistant to pests and diseases. Monitor for aphids and caterpillars. Provide adequate airflow to prevent fungal issues.

Mature height: 9 m

Mature width: 7 m

Suitable for shaping: No

Colour: Dark green

Variegation: No

Size: Small/medium

Seasonality: Evergreen

Flowering: Yes; profuse/bright display

Flower colour: Creamy white

Flower fragrant: No

Flowering season: Spring

Fruit: Yes

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