Monstera adansonii (Swiss Cheese Vine)

Monstera adansonii 180 mm
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Monstera adansonii (Swiss Cheese Vine)

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Monsteras belongs to the aroid family of plants that are native to tropical rainforests. They have distinctive holes or fenestrations on their leaves that make them very attractive feature plants. In their natural habitat, Monsteras grow under the canopy of larger trees by climbing on their trunks. The roots of the Monsteras require a lot of aeration, so an ideal potting mix must take this into account. A good option is an orchid potting mix. Monsteras need support to grow on and thrive- outside you can let them grow onto a tree or fence, but inside you need to give it a totem for support. The leaves grow larger with more fenestrations when given support. Monsteras also do well in hydroponics - you can simply cut a leaf with its node and soon you will see roots emerging and the plant will do very well growing in water. Monsteras are a good buy because they are priced, are easy to take care of, can grow into a substantial size, and are just stunning!

Monstera adansonii is a beautiful vining variety with smaller fenestrated (with holes) leaves. This is a very fast-growing plant that can trail or drape from a hanging basket or can be trained to climb on a surface or totem. 

Light requirement: Bright indirect sunlight, Medium indirect sunlight, and Low light tolerant

Water requirement: Medium

Watering frequency: Water when top 5cm of the potting mix feels dry to the touch. Do not keep the potting mix soggy.

Soil: Orchid premium potting mix

Skill level: Beginner

Growth rate: Fast

Suitable for containers: Yes

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Drought tolerance: Medium

Frost tolerance: Low

Wind tolerance: Medium

Disease and pest susceptibility: Aphids, spider mites, scale, and quite prone to mealy bugs. Monitor the leaves regularly for mealybugs, especially the undersides and the crevice where the leaf meets the stem. Wash the plant monthly under a light shower to prevent pests. If you find pests, wash them off with a light soapy solution and a soft paintbrush and treat them with white oil.

Mature height: 8 m

Mature width: 8 m

Suitable for shaping: No

Colour: Green

Variegation: No

Size: Small/medium

Seasonality: Evergreen

Flowering: Yes; but primarily grown for it's foliage

Flower colour:

Flower fragrant:

Flowering season:

Fruit: Yes

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