Pilea norfolk

Pilea norfolk 130 mm
Pilea norfolk 130 mm
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Pilea norfolk

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Looking for a plant that is both beautiful and easy to care for? Look no further than the Pilea norfolk! This popular plant is perfect for indoor areas with semi-shade or shade and thrives in bright indirect sunlight. The Pilea norfolk features stunning green, silver, and variegated leaves, making it a real eye-catcher in any space. And the best part? This plant is very easy to care for, so you can enjoy its beauty without too much hassle.

Light requirement: Bright indirect sunlight

Water requirement:

Watering frequency:


Skill level: Beginner

Growth rate: Slow

Suitable for containers: Yes

More info:

External links to more info:

Drought tolerance:

Frost tolerance:

Wind tolerance:

Disease and pest susceptibility:

Mature height: 15 cm

Mature width: 30 cm

Suitable for shaping:

Colour: Green

Variegation: Yes

Size: Small/medium

Seasonality: Evergreen

Flowering: Yes; profuse/bright display

Flower colour:

Flower fragrant:

Flowering season:


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