Syngonium 'Mango' (Arrowhead Plant)

Syngonium Mango 130 mm
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Syngonium 'Mango' (Arrowhead Plant)

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Syngonium plants are one of the most common houseplants, and for good reason: they’re not only beautiful but easy to care for as well. These plants are adaptable and can thrive in many different environments including adaptability to low light conditions, making them perfect for offices or any space where you need greenery without sacrificing much space. Syngoniums can be pruned to maintain them as smaller tabletop plants or trained to climb a support such as a totem or cascade from a hanging basket. Both novice and experienced plant lovers are guaranteed to love the arrowheads.Do you want a beautiful and easy to care for plant that will thrive in any environment? Look no further than the Syngonium plant. These plants are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy some greenery without having to worry about much upkeep. They can be adapted to many different environments, making them perfect for offices or any space where you need plants but don't have a lot of room.
You can prune these plants into whatever shape you desire, so they can fit perfectly into any space you choose. Whether you want a tabletop plant or one that hangs from a basket, Syngoniums are perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

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Light requirement: Part sun/part shade, Bright indirect sunlight, Medium indirect sunlight, and Low light tolerant

Water requirement: Medium

Watering frequency: Water when the top 5cm of the potting mix feels dry to the touch.

Soil: Premium grade orchid potting mix

Skill level: Beginner

Growth rate: Fast

Suitable for containers: Yes

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Drought tolerance: Medium

Frost tolerance: Low

Wind tolerance: Medium

Disease and pest susceptibility: Generally trouble free.

Mature height: 20 cm

Mature width: 50 cm

Suitable for shaping: No

Colour: Green

Variegation: Yes

Size: Small/medium

Seasonality: Evergreen

Flowering: Yes; but primarily grown for it's foliage

Flower colour:

Flower fragrant:

Flowering season:

Fruit: Insignificant

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